Aarvysoft spoke at “IBM’s Manufacturing & Distribution Business Strategy” Conference & Expo on 6 Dec 2001

Together with other software vendors, Aarvysoft presented Navision Attain in this conference to customers from various industries. In the first session, Dr. Jeff Yeung from Faculty of Business Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong presented the problems and challenges that corporations are facing. The corporations need an integrated and reliable system to help them to maintain the revenue as well as the quality of the product while operating at a lower budget. Aarvysoft presented Navison Attain, an ERP solution that provides you with all the tools necessary to make the operation as efficient as it could be. From managing and organizing the inventory, to manufacturing just-in-time, you can be assured with the highest efficiency. What’s more about Naivion Attain is it enables you to offer customers the best deal at anytime.


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