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ERP solution

For any dynamic company, frequent change is a fact of life. While signaling success, change can also impact efficiency and threaten control. It is essential that your enterprise business solution can support you in a fast-moving business world. Our ERP solution is a system with both the functional range and the flexibility to provide that support.

For all aspects of your business, from ledgers and accounts to areas such as distribution or manufacturing, our ERP solutions provides fully integrated enterprise-wide functionality. All application areas share a highly acclaimed graphical user interface that promotes speed of use and efficiency throughout your organization.

The main application areas of the solution are:

  • General Ledger
  • Cash Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales & Receivables
  • Purchases and Payables
  • Inventory
  • Service Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Resources
  • Jobs
  • Human Resources
  • Fixed Assets

The core of the solution is its integrated development environment. Designed for a client/server architecture and is built around a high-performance, customizable relational database management system. The solution currently has over 127,000 installations worldwide.

HR & Security System

This is an integrated solution for access control, HR information management, and Security & safety control. The system is specially designed for the manufacturing environment in China.

Access Control : Smart card, Keypad Verification

As an access control, our solution support many types of digital ID readers with its powerful control unit. Verification is done using some numeric ID from a keypad or card reader, or combination of the two. The controller works over LAN and dial-up networks.

HR Information Control

The Time & Attendance and Payroll application modules track check-in time from the access control system without separate clocks. It features the scheduled daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

Security & Safety Control

The brain of the system controller can extend it power through different hardware modules to manage security and safety control installations such as burglary alarm, gas alarm, infrared sensors, entry gate, indication lights and electric door lock. The control and monitoring can be done through the SYRIS controller software, which is installed in the client PC. Therefore, your can monitor the whole system through the desktop PC.


Garment Solutions

Garment retail solution

Apparel Retail Management System (AMMS) is specially designed for the apparel retailers. Its comprehensive features and flexibility enable your business to stay competitive and flexible in this dynamic industry.

ARMS delivers all the specific features that any retailers need. Furthermore, its most powerful tool is the highly sophisticated management reports. We, as the developer of this system, understand the significance and implication of these reports to top management and that no other software could be able to deliver the same in the market.

These analytical figures provide various information that suits the need of different levels of the company, from operation and finance departments to management. ARMS can help you to have better control in the business operation.

ARMS can bring you the following benefits:

  • fully integrated system
  • back-office system especially designed for garment retail
  • multi-currency
  • multi-branch
  • extremely easy to use
  • proven track records among your competitors
  • data-capturing by using various devices and methodologies
  • short implementation time and training period

The implementation team has the experience in implementing the system in various countries such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

Garment Manufacturing System

AMMS is specially designed for the need of Asian business environment due to the rapid changes in the industries for the past years. The major benefit of AMMS is to allow the market players to adapt themselves to act as a role of a trading entity; and yet to control the production sites in various places outside the region.

AMMS is able to fit most of the traders’ and manufacturers’ requirement. The system is flexible, practical and easy to use. We understand the complexity of the business environment of the industry, we have a team of experienced consultants who have dealt with some leading garment manufacturers and trading firms in the market.

It is:

  • fully integrated
  • an ideal application for management to have full control on their operation
  • an ideal tool for management to obtain information in off-shore production sites
  • able to generate Knit through to Wash Orders by using the information from the BOM and customer order file. content here


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